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Team Programs

In House Team Programs​

Team Spark - for students 6 years old and up.  This team learns routines and competes in three in house meets per year.  Practices are 2 hours one time per week.  This team allows gymnasts to participate in a team program, learn to compete and still have time for other activities. 


XCEL Team Program

We have chosen to participate in USA Gymnastics' XCEL team program.  This program is designed to focus on the execution of strong foundational gymnastics, advancing to clean and safe optional gymnastics.  

The design of this program follows proper progressions on each event allowing for gymnasts to learn skills safely and with good technique.  

The commitment for XCEL team gymnastics is moderate compared to the USAG Junior Olympic program.   Our middle school and high school athletes are able to compete in gymnastics, and other school sports, while still being competitive in the XCEL program.  They are all around athletes who make us proud!

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